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About Me

'The Mobile Barber'

I am Carlos Omar Montes, a Massachusetts Master Barber and the Founder and Principal of Omar’s Mobile Barbershop, LLC. Omar’s mission is providing clients basic grooming and barbering services on location. On top of bringing quality, Omar's service is aimed at providing a truly unique experience. Omar's was conceived with the goal of servicing clientele that are limited by mental and/or physical disabilities, hoping to give them the nostalgic barbershop experience that many of us take for granted. In today’s world, a global pandemic has caused many to reconsider whether going into a barbershop for a haircut is in their best interest, and Omar’s is here to help. We cater to all clients. Whether you are incapable of going out and getting a haircut elsewhere or just choose not to, Omar’s is here to meet your needs! Please reach out as Omar's offers a variety of different services, from one-off haircuts, to groups, and even recurring contracts.

Where we take the 'legwork' out of travel and bring the Barbershop to YOU!"

Barbering is a universal need, but the true barber experience is more than just a quality haircut; it’s an opportunity to connect with someone, to spend half an hour giving someone else your entire focus. Our goal is to mobilize the barbershop experience. The Mobile Barber is ready to make you look good, whether it’s at your home, in a corporate settings to provide services to individuals that otherwise wouldn’t have time to step away from work, or in a variety of care facilities that serve individuals without the capacity to seek our services out on an individual basis. Omar’s is the perfect opportunity to give back to those less fortunate. We are excited about the chance to cater to clients restricted to elder-care facilities, retirement and group homes, senior living centers, and hospitals.

Developing a New Way to Barber

If you believe you can help or would like to get involved with creating the future of barbering, or simply want to sponsor a charitable day where Omar’s serves the less fortunate, please contact us at:


By email:  [email protected]  or

By phone: (OMB) 400-6000

Omar’s Mobile Barbershop is also raising money through a GoFundMe to bring the Mobile Barber Experience to everyone. Please check out our campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/f/omars-mobile-barbershop


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